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August 6th 2024. 

We are making some exciting changes to the Roots of Personal Finance Program and will be relaunching during our Summer Launch Workshop.  

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Roots of Personal Finance

End financial stress and anxiety.
Live happier and worry-free.

Roots is everything you need to restore hope and peace of mind in your finances.

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You already know your finances are stressing you out. On top of that, you're trying to juggle everything else in life.

But now it’s time for a simple and proven step-by-step path that anyone can follow, no matter their situation, or how much money they make, or how busy they are. Yes even you!

Because, let's face it — nobody wants to spend every day of their life......

Stressing and worrying about money

Imagine all of that stress you're feeling can turn into hope. Where you are making consistent progress with your finances without sacrificing everything in your life. 

Overwhelmed, exhausted, and hopeless

Imagine having an emergency fund savings for all of the 'what ifs' that weigh on your mind. Knowing that if something bad happens, you’ll be ok and you won’t have to worry.

Alone and not knowing what to do 

Imagine having a place, no matter where you're at, to talk without judgment. To get feedback, ask questions, and celebrate all of your amazing accomplishments along the way. 

If you’re like me, you've grown tired of worrying about money and debt. It's exhausting, right? You'd rather put your energy into more important things.

You’d rather spend your days knowing…

You have confidence in your finances. No more second guessing. No more sleepless nights.

You're making progress on paying off debts and saving money, and building your emergency fund without having to cut everything out of your life.

You can spend more time doing what you love and less time worrying and stressing about bills because you finally have a plan and that puts you at ease.

Knowing every day that goes by, you are getting financially stronger. Living into the life you want to lead, whatever that means to you...

Imagine what life could be like with less payments and stress...


😍 That weight on your shoulders, that pressure on your chest, IT'S GONE!

😍 No more shame, only CONFIDENCE and PRIDE!

😍 You're able to REALLY LIVE, and not just survive!

😍 Being able to BREATHE again!

😍 Opportunities to chase your DREAMS and BUILD THE LIFE YOU WANT!

😍 Take a VACATION paid for with 100% CASH!

😍 FINALLY be able to say YES to your kids and family without stressing later about how you'll pay for it. 

😍 ORDER FROM THE MENU without having to worry about cost or shorting other bills!

And what if there was a way that could help you reach this phase in your life like it did for these people?

Lisa has less stress!

Gina has more confidence!

Patrice has excitement!

Sally is feeling in control!

Shannon is feeling FREEDOM!

I created Roots for you — the person who wants... easy-to-follow system because you're already juggling so much...

...a safe place to get help and know you're not alone... and accountability to stick to the plan... make progress without having to cut everything out of your life... stop second guessing and doubting yourself and have confidence... put an end to the fear, frustration, and overwhelm... STOP worrying and stressing about money once and for all!

What kinds of people are in Roots and getting help?


Our members are people from all different walks of life—married, single, single parents, special needs families, disabled, military, career-oriented, stay-at-home parents, and all different income levels.

Our members are teachers, ranchers, truck drivers, tradespeople, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, scientists, postal workers, factory workers, retailers, medical professionals, farmers, insurance agents, financial service professionals, barbers, personal trainers, and gig workers—just to name a few.

The one thing they all have in common is that they're getting amazing results by implementing the success path we teach in Roots.

Here are a few members who want to share their success with you! 

Skip The Testimonials! Tell Me What I Get!

Amber and Paul Taylor saved and paid Off $54,000 in 20 months! Since, they have built a large emergency fund, and purchased a home.


Gretchen went from being behind on her mortgage and car loan, to getting caught up and...

Paying Off More Than $21,000 Of Debt In 17 Months On A Single Income!


From barely living paycheck to paycheck Gina has saved and paid off $30,726.41 in 12 months!

Before joining Roots, Gina was having a hard time with her finances. She says, "I was barely living paycheck to paycheck, and I was using debt to fill in the gaps when needed. I was constantly stressed about money and being behind on my bills. I was never sure where the money would come from to take care of things.

Gina is an accountant at a local manufacturing company.

"A little over a year ago, I received a wage garnishment. It was so overwhelming on top of everything else. I knew I needed to change something. I saw Debt Free Dad's planner on Facebook so I ordered and figured it would be a good place to start. After receiving the planner and going through it, I realized I would need more help than just the planner. I saw Roots and knew that was what I needed and signed up."

Check this out! Since joining Roots in January of 2022, Gina has saved and paid off $30,726.41! She says, "I've been able to reduce my stress and anxiety so much since starting."

Gina is feeling so much better today. "Using Roots has led to a lot less stress. I was so anxious and stressed before it affected my sleep and health. I sleep much better, and I have no worries about who calls me because I know it is not a debt collector. My stress is no longer at a steady high point.

What's helped Gina the most? "I had tried many other things in the past to get myself to a better place financially, but nothing ever stuck. I believe the Roots approach with behavior changes and accountability makes the difference. From the Facebook group with peers to the weekly meetups on zoom. There is so much support and encouragement from Brad and the group. This next session will mark one year since I started Roots, and still going strong!"

Emergency funds provide incredible peace of mind!

Roots members are making it happen!

"My stress level around money was paralyzing."

In just 90 days, Cyndi has saved and paid off $7,050!

Before joining Roots, Cyndi was struggling with her finances.

She says, "My stress level around money was paralyzing. I struggled with motivation, accountability, and how to live using a real budget.

Cyndi is a retired dental hygienist, and she says, "I decided to join Roots for the knowledge and to get me back on track. I didn't realize that the "missing piece" was the best part to come: the group! Motivation and accountability are what make this work for me.

Since joining just 90 days ago, a lot has improved for Cyndi. She says, "I have added $1000 to my savings account (for a total of a 2k small ER fund), paid off over $5,300 on debt (freaking amazing!), I have also been able to save a $750 sinking fund for a household project. And Because I reviewed my statements when I first started, I also found a $918.00 error (in my favor) in a bill from a medical provider. I also have a sinking fund of $400 going for the holidays.

She adds, "I am mindblown!"

When I asked Cyndi what's helped her the most, she says, "Without any doubt, the group, the meet-ups, your personal responses to my emails, knowing I am not alone, and that others see me making wins and they encourage me every step of the way. The podcasts are amazing- like food for thought whenever I need a boost of motivation. The trackers, those crazy little snowball stickers, they just do something for me! Lol. I love adding them to the mountain! Joining Roots was a smart decision for me, even though I had doubts (see our emails before the summer session- lol). I am so thankful I did it!"

She adds, "Even bigger than money wins are the mental wins. My stress & fear of the 'unknown future' are so much better than I could have ever thought would happen. I no longer feel out of control and helpless.

When I asked Cyndi how she feels now versus when she started, she said, "So number one, peace of mind! Number two, communication is much better within the household about financial issues because working towards a common goal is important. Number three, being able to share Debt Free Dad with my adult son with the potential to change his life with knowledge. I Love this part!"

In addition, Cyndi says, "I've had a huge mindset change- learning about my behaviors has been huge for me. When I started this journey, I had very little confidence and didn't think I could do this. Changing my behavior, finding gratitude and contentment with what I have, and having a 'why'– all of these have given me confidence, and for me, that makes me feel better about myself and my future."

How is Roots different? Cyndi says, "Roots is different because not only is there the knowledge of a proven way to handle money and pay off debt but there is encouragement and a community of other people doing the same thing. Combined with the weekly meet ups- all of it makes for something very special. It just works.

"I struggled with budgeting and saving."

In just 90 days, Sami saved and paid off $8,872.31 on a single income.


"I hated living paycheck-to-paycheck!"

Now Tammy has paid off $19,863 in the last year!

Before joining Roots, Tammy was stressed about her finances. She says, "What caused me the most stress was not having enough money to last us to the next paycheck and not being able to pay everything before I ran out of money. I hated living paycheck to paycheck!"

Tammy works as a Billing Clerk and HR Support person at a local nursing home.

She says, "I joined Roots because I needed help. I needed help creating a budget and being accountable. My husband was not on board at first, but after a few months, he was better and accepted that we needed Roots. Starting my first budget was very stressful! It took me about three months of Roots before I had a decent budget."

Since Tammy joined Roots, she says, "We have paid off $19,863 of debt, which included three credit cards, an old medical bill, and two collection accounts."

When asked how she made this happen, she says, "For me, the biggest piece was the behavior. I never realized how much money was being spent on wants vs. needs until I wrote everything down on paper.

Tammy's husband was hospitalized in August. She says, "I had $1600 in our emergency fund in August, but then my husband was hospitalized for nine days, and I paid our remaining out-of-pocket amount from it, so now I am starting over and saving what was depleted. My biggest win was being able to save my $1000 emergency fund twice. At least I had it when it was needed."

She adds, "Also, since starting Roots, I have had no overdraft fees or any unnecessary fees taken from my bank account." That's such a great win!

Tammy's advice to you is, "I would tell you to try Roots. I feel Roots is different because you have access to the training all the time. I've rewatched some modules more than two or even three times. I like the community support and extra bonus training that we get with Roots. I never feel like anyone will bad mouth me. It's always positive support.

I don't believe you should have to cut everything out of your life. How does doing more fun stuff with less financial stress sound?

Roots members are doing it!

You already know you should pay off debt, budget, and save more money, but I get finances are scary and overwhelming. Where do you even get started?

You just need a simple, step-by-step path, and a guide to make it easier.

Introducing... Roots of Personal Finance

Roots is everything you need to restore hope and peace of mind in your finances.

Here's everything that's included...


Roots Foundation Modules give you the education you need to save, budget, and crush debt.


Easy to implement tools, action plans, and resources without all the fluff. Roots is built to get you results.


Weekly group coaching calls with Brad all year, so you can implement and get the support you need.


Receive ongoing motivation, support, ideas, and connect with others in the Roots Community group all year.


-Also Included-

Bonuses and Mini Modules

The Roots Membership Kit - Track your progress, see the results, and build your confidence! (Watch your mailbox! This kit is super fun! 😀)

How to have a money conversation in your relationship. 

What to Do If You’re Behind on Bills

How to Handle Collections

How to Buy a Home Without Going Broke

How To Teach Your Kids About Money

How to Set and Crush Your Financial Goals

Join Roots Now!

Here’s how it works...

Roots will teach you to improve habits, reduce stress, save money, and pay off your debt FAST! Roots is a complete, 100% comprehensive online learning-and-doing system that not only teaches you how to take control of your money, but also helps you implement the process we teach as you learn.

You'll start seeing results in just the first week...

...but here's what you'll learn and do in the first 60 days.

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Bonus Modules

How awesome would it be if you were on the same page with your spouse?

Learn how to finally communicate about money without fighting or arguing.

Discover the first steps to an improved financial relationship with your partner.

We’ve helped many members get caught up on bills and payments, and kick overdraft fees for good!

Learn the step-by-step process to help you get back to square one.

Reduce frustration and confusion by knowing exactly what to work on.

One of the most common financial goals our members have is buying a home.

Roots is helping people do it with the right education, so you can prepare, and save yourself a ton of stress and thousands of dollars. 


It's no secret that parents are an example to their kids, and money is no different.

This course, along with Roots, will provide you with the confidence and knowledge to teach your kids about money, so they don't make as many mistakes as we did!

Check out the video for a complete walkthrough and demo!

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I used to fall off the bandwagon too...

The do-it-yourself approach is not easy. That’s why I created Roots, to give my members the support and accountability they need to get results.

"I struggled with lots of credit card debt and impulsive shopping."

Lyndsey saved and paid off $68,000 in two years on a single income.


"My biggest stressor was running out of money at the end of the month."

Now Mary has saved and paid off $56,926!


Hey, I’m Brad!

About 13 years ago, I found myself in the same situation that many find themselves in today—no savings, lots of payments, and a helluva lot of debt. I lost my home to foreclosure, and I hit my financial rock bottom. I was hopeless.

Looking back, it was the best thing that ever happened to me because it pushed me to make some serious changes that ultimately led to paying off all my debts and reaching financial freedom! I have been living debt-free for over 10 years.

Along our journey, we were surprised to find out that we weren't the only ones who were struggling, and people started asking me for help. In 2016 we opened the doors to Roots and since then have been able to help thousands of people and families kick debt and financial stress! 

Through it all, I have discovered the subtle nuances that make a BIG difference in the success of the people who get out debt, versus those who sputter.

Join Roots Now!

I know what you might be thinking...


"Can't I just do this on my own? Why should I pay this guy to help me save and get out of debt?"


Most of my members asked the same thing... here's what they say now.

Join Roots Now!

The do-it-yourself YouTube searches, financial programs, or self-help books don't work for most because they lack the most important ingredient... and accountability.

That's what makes Roots so different... SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY!

Most people already know what they should do, but check this out! The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study on accountability and found that you have a 65% chance of completing a goal if you commit to someone. And if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%.

I am going to be with you every step of the way. Here's some of the great tools that will help you stick to the plan!

Weekly Meetups

You aren't on your own. Connect with other Roots members and get help and accountability every week from Brad, LIVE! LIVE meetups are a great way to stay on target, receive accountability, get the help you need, learn, and celebrate your success! AND... WIN SOME FANTASTIC PRIZES! 

Roots Community

Who you surround yourself with matters. Join a winning environment! Our Facebook group is fantastic, and it is another resource where you will receive tons of value. Not only do you get to interact with other like-minded people, but Brad is very active in this group; answering all of your questions!

Get Real Accountability

Get encouragement, support, and celebrate your success! Our members experience better results in Roots rather than doing it on their own because of the built in accountability their membership offers. There is an incredibly strong unity when a group of individuals come together to work towards a common goal.

Debt Freedom Kit

It's not always the big things that get people the big results. Getting out of debt is hard work. We've developed some fantastic tools that makes getting out of debt exciting! This kit will help you track your progress and keep you motivated on the road to financial freedom! 

App, Tools, and Downloads

Busy schedule? The Roots App gives you access to your entire membership right on your phone. Roots also provides you with a ton of downloads and tools to help ease stress and give you faster results. Once you join, you won't need anything else to kick debt once and for all.

Built The Way You Learn

We all have different ways we like to learn. Roots offers several modalities that fit your learning style. Like to watch videos? Do you enjoy audio while you drive? Do you like to read and take notes? Rest assured, Roots has you covered no matter how you like to learn.  

"But Brad, how much of a difference does support and accountability really make?"

Here are a few before and after examples...

Brandon and his wife Sara paid off $7,900 in one year on their own. Awesome! But then they joined Roots and paid off over $17,000 in just the first three months! 💥 

Check out what Brandon has to say...

Here's another example of how powerful it can be...

Sami Schopper paid off $6,150 on her own in eight months. Not bad! But then she finally joined Roots and paid off over $30,000 in the same time period. Now she's DEBT FREE!💥 

Check out what Sami has to say...

Join Roots Now!

"Before joining Roots, I struggled the vicious cycle of credit card debt."

Now Patrice has saved and paid off $70,163 and is credit card free!


"I didn't know where to start."

Lauren has learned how money works and has paid off more than $16,000.


"We wanted to live more of a stress-free life."

Shannon has paid off over $280,000!


Here’s what other people are asking.

Join Roots Now!

"I wanted more financial security in my life!"

Jess went from financial chaos to saving and paying off $153,762 in two years!

Before joining Roots, Jess was struggling with managing her money. She says, "It was just chaos. I had no structure. I maxed out credit cards, had no savings, and was robbing Peter to pay Paul. STRESSED!"

Jess is a self-employed single momma of one.

In 2020, and during Covid, Jess realized that without assistance, she didn't have things in place that she should've for her survival, so she decided to join Roots to get the help she needed.

Check this out! In just a little over two years, Jess has saved and paid off $153,762.71! WOW!

So what helped Jess achieve these results? She says, "Definitely a mindset change. I actually created and stuck to a functioning budget, and I decided that I wanted and needed this (financial freedom) more than the "stuff" that I would've otherwise wasted money on."

How does she feel now? "Relieved! Less stress, for sure! I now have a plan we work on and try our best to stick to. I'm able to do more with my daughter and also get her involved in the process so that she understands money management & finances from this early age. Growing up, I didn't have this, and I think it's so important. Another MAJOR win was that we purchased a home this year, which really took discipline with savings, spending, and paying down debt."

She adds, "Roots helps shift your overall mindset. The community, support, and accountability that we have go such a long way in helping you stay on track or even get back on track at times and stay the course."

And There Is No Risk Because Of The Simple, No Sleaze, No Hassle, Debt Free Dad Money-Back Guarantee

Roots of Personal Finance comes with my personal 100% money back guarantee. 

I am very confident that Roots can you help you get on the road to financial freedom. If you take action with the steps we teach, I promise you will see a fantastic return on your investment. Our members are proof of this promise that we are making to you.

If there is one thing I hate more, it's buying a product that doesn’t meet its needs and feeling like I wasted my time and my money. I don’t want that for you! If you are not satisfied within 14 days of your enrollment, I will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. Your refund will be submitted immediately, and your money will be back in your account within 5-7 business days. If Roots doesn't help you, I don't want your money.

So How Much Is Roots?

Yearly Membership
12 Monthly Payments


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Yearly Membership
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The Most Common Reasons Why You May Resist Joining. (Because It's Not That Roots Doesn't Work.)

If you have little savings, lots of debt, and no plan on how to fix it, disaster awaits. I've talked to so many people who didn't take action and are now facing bankruptcy, lawsuits, divorce, and sadly, it's too late in some cases to avoid these types of hardships. Don't wait until it's too late! Take it from others who say, "I wish I would've taken control sooner!"

Join Roots Now!

How amazing is it that this small investment can help you pay off your debt? $5,000, $10,000, $30,000, or more than $100,000 in debt...

Roots members are doing it.

Sheri Paid Off $11,694.91

Christina Paid Off $230,000 

Kasey Paid Off $46,329

Sally and Nick Paid Off $64,471.03

Kura and Levi Paid Off $427,127.29

Lisa Paid Off $9,178.00

Join Roots Now!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is putting this off.


If you've read this far, it's a sign that it's time to take action. But I get it. Finances and taking on your financial challenges can be scary.

You're afraid.

Afraid of change.

Afraid of what you'll find once you get started.

Afraid that you're going to have to make some tough choices.

Afraid that you don't have what it takes to fix your finances.

Afraid you won't have the time.

Afraid that you'll fail.

That's why I created Roots because I felt all those same fears at one time too. And those fears kept me stuck for so long because I had to do this on my own.

Here's the reality of that fear.

That fear can lead you to sit on the fence when you really need to be getting started.

My member's number one regret is not starting sooner after experiencing the transformations they've had since joining.

So, I asked them, and here's what my Roots members had to say.

"Knowing what you know now, would you have started Roots sooner?"

And what if I helped you face that fear, and you could trade in all those gross feelings and all that stress about your finances into feelings of hope and confidence?

Roots members are doing that too!

When I asked my members if Roots was worth the price, here's what they had to say. 

Join Roots Now!

Alright, I'm Ready To Join, Brad, But What Do I Get?

Let's Recap.

Introducing... Roots of Personal Finance

Roots is everything you need to restore hope and peace of mind in your finances.

Here's everything that's included...


Roots Foundation Modules give you the education you need to save, budget, and crush debt.


Easy to implement tools, action plans, and resources without all the fluff. Roots is built to get you results.


Weekly group coaching calls with Brad all year, so you can implement and get the support you need.


Receive ongoing motivation, support, ideas, and connect with others in the Roots Community group all year.


-Also Included-

Bonuses and Mini Modules

The Roots Membership Kit - Track your progress, see the results, and build your confidence! (Watch your mailbox! This kit is super fun! 😀)

How to have a money conversation in your relationship. 

What to Do If You’re Behind on Bills

How to Handle Collections

How to Buy a Home Without Going Broke

How To Teach Your Kids About Money

How to Set and Crush Your Financial Goals


Join Roots Now!