Learn a proven path to take the stress out of your finances, pay off debt, and reduce payments, so that you can breathe again.

(And NO! You don't have to cut everything out of your life, or make six figures to make it happen!)

How would you like to trade these types of feelings about finances...

😞 Stress and anxiety

😞 Embarrassment, shame, and failure

😞 Worry and fear 

😞 Uncertainty and overwhelm

😞 Hopelessness

to these types of feelings...

😁 Relief and a sense of calm

😁 Excited and motivated

😁 Confident and seeing progress

😁 Very little stress or anxiety

😁 Feeling in control

If you answered YES, this workshop is for you! These are the transformations we are helping people achieve with their finances every day, and this workshop will show you how to get started!

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Imagine waking up and grabbing your coffee without a single worry about money and debt. It's possible!

After this workshop, you'll walk away with everything you need to leave financial stress and worry behind. Just look at a few of the amazing results.

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Hi! I'm Brad!

About 12 years ago, I found myself in the same situation that many find themselves in today—no savings, lots of payments, and a helluva lot of debt. I lost my home to foreclosure, and I hit my financial rock bottom. I was hopeless.

Looking back, it was the best thing that ever happened to me because it pushed me to make some serious changes that ultimately led to paying off all my debts and reaching financial freedom! We have been living debt-free for more than eight years. 

Along our journey, we were surprised to find out that we weren't the only ones who were struggling, and people started asking me for help. In 2016 we opened the doors to Roots and since then have been able to help thousands of people and families kick debt and financial stress! 

Through it all, I have discovered the subtle nuances that make a BIG difference in the success of the people who get out debt, versus those who sputter… and that's why this workshop now exists.

There is hope. Normal every day people can have success with money, this workshop will help you create your get-out-of-debt game plan!

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I get that finances are tough. But...

there is good news because there absolutely is a proven path to support you. Where in just a short time, all of that stress you're feeling can turn into hope. Where you are making consistent progress with your finances without sacrificing everything in your life.

I'm going to show you how in my FREE workshop!

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