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You may not know it... but your audience desperately needs financial help!

Money is the number one stressor for most Americans. They are dealing with higher costs, the pressure of debt and payments, a lack of savings, and they have no real direction on how to change it.


Why is personal finance health so crucial for your audience?
Here are some eye-opening statistics...

  • 65% feel their financial difficulties are piling up so much that they can't overcome them. - Thriving Wallet
  • Money fights and arguments are one of the leading causes of divorce in the U.S.
  • 52% listed money as the thing that takes the biggest tollon their mental health.  - BankRate
  • 90% of individuals say that money impacts their stress levels.  - Thriving Wallet
  • 60% of adults, including more than 4 in 10 high-income consumers, live paycheck to paycheck. - Lending Club
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Brad has been living debt-free for over ten years and is helping thousands of everyday people pay off tens of millions of dollars. By inviting Brad to your podcast, you will empower your audience to take action in reducing financial stress and debt, along with building savings and confidence in their financial future.

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Hot Topics

  • How to get started and kick financial stress for good.
  • How to payoff debt when you live paycheck-to-paycheck.
  • How to radically improve your financial habits. 
  • How to talk about money in a relationship.
  • How to budget as a beginner. 
  • How to create a habit of saving and build an emergency fund.
  • What's the best method to pay off debt?
  • How to reduce impulsive and wasteful spending.

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With over 180 Episodes and thousands of downloads per week, Brad consistently creates engaging content that gets his audience to take action!

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About Brad

Brad has dedicated his life to serving and helping people with their personal finances. He provides an eye-opening outlook on debt and money that challenge today's popular thinking through speaking, The Debt Free Dad Podcast, social media, and his online membership site, Roots of Personal Finance, which has helped people save and pay off tens-of-millions of dollars.

Many people struggle with money and debt. Brad teaches a simple process to help people develop a healthier financial mindset. Learn how to save money and eliminate debt, allowing them to take control of their finances so they can do more of what they love. Brad uses his personal story to relate to others. He provides practical steps and advice for a new financial plan that shows people how to win and live a stress-free and debt-free life.

Brad is a single and dedicated father to his two kids, Noah, and Avery.

Brad has encountered many obstacles on his journey. In 2018, his wife Sarah gave birth to their daughter Avery. Avery was born with a brain injury and was later diagnosed with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy and Cerebral Palsy. Being debt-free allowed him and his wife to put all of their efforts into getting the care that Avery needed. Thankfully, today, Avery is thriving and living a normal life, and Brad contributes her progress to the time they've spent on Avery's therapy and care since birth.

In March 2023, Brad tragically lost his wife, Sarah, to a battle with mental illness and suicide. Again, Brad and his financial life were tested, but because of the work they put in on their finances leading up to this tragic event, he has remained debt-free while allowing him and his kids to grieve and begin to build a new life.

Brad's a normal guy with normal life challenges, and he is using his experiences and story to encourage and motivate others to improve their financial health for themselves and their family.

When Brad isn't helping people with their finances, he loves to continue his education through reading and conferences. His family is the most important. They spend a significant amount of time camping and being outdoors. Brad puts a lot of value in experiences and making memories.

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